Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon!!

Today is my youngest nephew's birthday!! Happy Birthday Brandon! Hope this next year is as special as you are!

We love you so much!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Political Confusion ...

Ok, I admit it. I'm totally confused and undecided on who in the world to vote for for President. This is an election that we (as Christians) should NOT take lightly and I want to make sure to vote for the person who most closely represents my position on so many issues.

I try my best to keep up with who is winning which primarys, debates, etc ... but it is so hard to get straight answers out of most any of them. I was leaning strongly towards Huckabee, but now it's looking like he won't be around much longer because he hasn't won any more primarys or caucauses. (I have no idea if I spelled that right!) It's looking like it could end up coming down to McCain or Romney running neck and neck for the Republican nomination...uggghhhhhh. I guess I'll have to do much more research before deciding who to vote for. One thing is for sure though... in the acutal presidental election ... I will not vote for Hilary Clinton.

I'm open to hearing anyone's opinions ... just leave a comment!

Thanks Carole!!

Thank you Carole!!

I saw that you added me to your sidebar, blogroll thingie! Not that what I have to say is very important, but its cool to know that more people than my Mom and sister might actually read my blog!! LOL! My blog is still in the very "rough" stages and I'm learning more about how to do different things every time I fool with it!

For anyone who reads my blog (yep, that's right ... both of you, lol) and hasn't seen her's ... here's the link.........
: Take a minute to check it out...It's GREAT!!! An amazing woman and servant of God!

Thanks again Carole... you ROCK!!


Wheeewwwwwww! It's been a crazy few days!

My brother-in-law, Shane, decided to paint his and Lauren's bedroom, bathroom, and closet this past Saturday! Of course, Mike was (and still is!) there to help!! Mike even took a day off from work yesterday to help - what a sweet man I'm married to! It has only been Mike and Shane working on this project! The only thing we didn't realize is that it would take 4 days (and counting) to get it done! LOL!! On Saturday, we went over there and helped them move every single thing out of those 3 areas. The only place to put the stuff was their kitchen and in Brandon's bedroom. So, Brandon didn't have a place to sleep. And, since Lauren is pregnant, she doesn't need to be breathing in the paint fumes... so we have been having a big ole' family sleepover since Saturday night! THEN, Monday Shane decided that while everything was pulled out of the bedroom, that he wanted to pull out the old carpet in there and have new carpet put in!

It's been kinda crazy, but fun at the same time. It's been a longggg time since Lauren and I "lived" together... it's kind of like when we were kids... except for how we have to do the cooking and cleaning and take care of 4 kids! LOL! Anyway...I really like having her around ... she is truly my best friend!! We share a special "twin bond!"

As we "speak" their room is still a "work in progress... and I'm sure it's gonna look great when it's done!

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Mom!

Meet my mom!
Her name is Jeanine, but most people call her "MiMi" these days. MiMi is what all of her grandkids, and all of the extended family's kids call her. We have always been VERY close and now she lives right behind us! That setup might not work for every family, but it works for us! Both of my boys think she hung the moon! She has a huge heart and has always been there for me and my little family ... no matter what. I love her so much!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two More Men In My Life

This is my oldest nephew, Spencer! He is my sisters oldest son. He is an incredibly sweet, smart, kind-hearted young man! (I can't say anything too mushy about him cause he would get me!)


At the moment, this is my youngest nephew, Brandon. We also call him "Dun-Dun" cause when Ryan (our baby) was learning to talk he would try to say Brandon and it came out sounding like "Dun-Dun." Somehow it stuck. Anyway... he is my twin sister's youngest child. He is a firecracker who is really smart and sweet! Again, I can't say anything too mushy or he will get me!

PLUS ... my twin sister, her name is Lauren, is pregnant again and we found out on Jan.15th that she is having another BOY!!! YEEEAAAAAAAH--- I am so so excited!!

I love these two boys (and will love the 3rd one) like they are my own. I am so proud of both of them and so proud to be both of their "Nanny!" Maybe because their mom and me are identical twins. All of are pretty much inseperable. It seems like our boys and her boys are more like brothers than cousins! Awesome huh? They spend A LOT of time at our house, and we wouldn't have it any other way!!

P.S. Boys, sorry for the mushy stuff! lol

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Turn On Red

There is a "no turn on red" sign at the light to get onto the highway from the WalMart parking lot. It seems like I am always first one in line when the light is RED. And, it never fails that while I am sitting there waiting for the light to turn green, someone waiting behind me just HAS to impatiently blow their horn. Or, if I'm not first in line, I end up becoming first in line quickly because the person in front of me ignores the sign and "turns on red." And there I sit ... not turning until it does turn green.

The other day while I was waiting patiently (ok, somewhat patiently) for the light to turn green, I starting to think about how in life some people choose to always "turn on red," always in a hurry to get to the next appointment, the next store, the next meeting, the next game... and the list goes on. I think how easy it is for some people to do what THEY want to do, not what they are supposed to do. Maybe they think if the policeman on duty doesn't see them, they won't get caught, won't get a ticket and their lapse of judgement won't matter. Maybe they are just in a hurry. Maybe they didn't see the sign. Maybe they just don't care. Who knows?

Lord, I pray that I never turn into one of those people. Let me hear all of Your words and see all of Your signs. I always want to do what YOU call me too. I always want to follow Your word and live the way You intend. It may not always be the easiest way, the fastest way, or the most comfortable way. But, it is the right way ... the ONLY way. Thank You for your sacrifice You made for us on the cross. I pray that I can live the way you want me to. Thank you for making me aware that what I do DOES matter. It matters to YOU. There is so much comfort in knowing that You know what I do in every minute of every day, even though I can't "see you" ... You are here with me.

More later... Be Blessed.

Our Boys!

Aren't they handsome?? Lane is the oldest and Ryan is the baby! Those two boys are my pride and joy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Reason to Blog

This is easier than I thought! Yeaaaaah!

Another reason I decided to blog is to take a few minutes each day to get to know myself again. It seems to me that most people tend to get caught up in the daily "rat race" and before you know it, we've lost track of who we are. I know that is true with me, although I hate to admit it. Anyway, hopefully this will help with that :-) Here are just some the things I know about me for sure:

1. Without God, I don't know where I would be... but it would NOT be good!
2. I love my husband and children like crazy!
3. I vow to get more involved at church.
4. I enjoy cooking!
5. Other than my hubby, my twin sister is my best friend.
6. I would love to be on the Worshop Team at church!
7. I am growing as a Christian more each day.

More later!

Entering The Blog World!

Ok, here I go ...taking a deep breath and jumping into the blog world! I've been wanting to start blogging for several months now and kept saying I would get to it "one day." Well, looks like today is that day! My life is sometimes pretty hectic so I think blogging will be an awesome way for me to keep my thoughts straight... and maybe one day someone may even read it! lol